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Why choose Inmoogle?


We use Big data

In our real estate in Alicante, we use proptech and BIG DATA technology, for the geolocation of potential clients for each type of home.

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Less time to sell

Our real estate commissions are the lowest in the market, the price of your home will be more competitive and it will be sold sooner.

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Personalized attention

Our commercial team adjusts to the circumstances and needs of each client and situation. WE ADAPT TO YOU ..

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Real estate in Alicante. The best possible service

We will help you manage your home



You have made the decision to sell or rent your property and you find too many competitors in your area, TRUST US, and we will help you sell or rent it in the shortest possible time.



If you are looking for the home of your dreams and you only find exorbitant prices and the home that does not suit your needs, CALL US, and we will give you PERSONALIZED attention.



You cannot find the flat or apartment for a long term or only for a few months, the area where you are looking does not have what you need. WE ARE THE SOLUTION.

Reforms and interior design

Mission and Values
Our mission is to explore in search of the best home to draw the best smile.


Connect inside and outside with our clients, go hand in hand in the construction of dreams.


Understand all the situations, positions and needs of our clients.


Change, evolve, offer the best technological tools for our clients.


Fulfilling our clients' dreams is fulfilling our own, and we love dreaming together.


We give everything to do our job better every day and that our clients can benefit.


We say what we do and we do what we say.

The dream that was born from stargazing

Inmoogle was not born to copy or follow others, the OGLE platform gave the light and the impulse to search for dreams beyond the stars.

What is Inmoogle?

Inmoogle. A Real Estate in Alicante, is the enthusiastic union of professionals linked to the real estate, financial and business sector in the Alicante area. United by looking for real estate alternatives in the Alicante area with the hope and objective of bringing some light to the NEW REAL ESTATE ERA IN ALICANTE. Our passion is more than just selling houses, we are passionate about making our clients' dreams come true.

real estate in Alicante
Real estate in Alicante

Real estate experts

Buying or selling a property or managing a property becomes one of the most important actions of our lives. For this reason, in our real estate it is important that the management or sale of our home is in the hands of real estate professionals.


The advice of our real estate agency is one of the main functions that professionals in real estate operations should provide, basically to guide both the seller of a home, who needs to clear all their doubts and concerns, as well as for the buyer of a property.

real estate in Alicante

peter neighborhood

CEO / Founder

If you are not having fun with what you are doing, you are doing it wrong.


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Real estate management for everyone

All questions have an answer

Real estate commission

We are a real estate agency in Alicante and we stand out for our real estate commissions as the lowest in the market. There are numerous formulas in the real estate market for property management. They all pursue the same, but you always have to choose the most competitive ones.

Real estate a la carte

Hasn't it ever happened to you? You want to sell a house, buy a house in Alicante, you are looking in Alicante for flats for rent or a home in a specific city or neighborhood with certain characteristics, and everything you find does not suit your needs. It usually happens, there is often an excess supply and we cannot find what we are looking for, our real estate agency in Alicante has the solution. You configure your home and Inmoogle will find it for you.

After Sales Service

After the notary, those moments of excitement and nerves have passed, doubts and questions begin, what reform do I have to do, how do I do the water and electricity contracts, what steps do I do with the town hall, our after-sales service will solve all the Doubts.

Mortgage financing

Inmoogle is not a bank, we are a real estate agency in Alicante, but we have the information and contacts of the mortgage offers in the banking market. Each bank has its formulas and requirements, at Inmoogle we know them all, and we will make your banking adventure just a walk.

Real Estate Marketing

We work in the well-known real estate portals and the main geomarketing platforms, with the help of BIG DATA tools, we give each home visibility in the target market of the future buyer.

Customer Service

Behind our real estate in Alicante and behind our phones there are always professionals to listen and assist you, no digital voices and auto-response messages. Your doubts and needs cannot wait, your time is worth a lot and is very important to us.

Real estate personal shopper

Our personal real estate shopper is in charge of looking for the property that meets your needs and meets your expectations, while negotiating the purchase price and closing the best option for your client.

Legal and legal advice

We have the collaborations of the best law firms in civil matters, which will solve all kinds of doubts in legal matters throughout the process of managing the house.

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A happy customer is the best of payments.

Tamara DC
Tamara DC
Isa NM
Isa NM
Raúl Candela
Raúl Candela
I was looking for a real estate agency in Alicante, which would allow me to carry out all kinds of online transactions (signing of contracts, payments and transfers), I live in León and sought to invest in the area. Inmoogle has helped me start the process of my real estate operations.
Anouar Benzaina
Anouar Benzaina
My sister was quite lost, I recommended you. Thanks for your help.
Edu Perales
Edu Perales
👍👍👍. Experienced commercials, breaking with traditional services, good filtering of potential clients. quality visits.
sonia martinez
sonia martinez
I recommend your Shopper service. They are professionals
Paqui Neighborhood Neighborhood
Paqui Neighborhood Neighborhood
Excellent personal treatment and great professionals
isabel galipienso
isabel galipienso
Recommended, I met them when they were free agents, creating their own real estate, always professionals
very good service, i would definitely recommend it.
leander jede
leander jede

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