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Three differences between an online real estate and a traditional one

Their services are not the same and, in addition, they are aimed at different profiles of owners. The technological revolution also reached the housing market. For a few years there have been two types of real estate agents in Spain to sell a flat: the traditional ones (or the ones of a lifetime), which have their offices at street level, and the online agencies, which have been operating digitally in the country since 2016. ..

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Digitized real estate operations increase by 80%

More than 80% of real estate operations have been digitized since the start of the pandemic In sales, almost half of the demand is already received only through digital channels The door has been opened to the evolution of the sector More than 80% of real estate operations Since the beginning of the pandemic, they have been digitized through telematic tools and almost 40% of the consultations of...

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Can housing in Spain be considered expensive in 2022?

Housing is not as expensive as it is painted Although the perception is that its prices have risen a lot in recent months, the reality is that it is still between 12% and 29% below the peaks it marked in the bubble, according to different analysis Fidel and Mariángeles live in Salamanca, but frequently go to Aranda de Duero, her hometown. Talking a little about everything with friends in the...

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Continues the controversy and the debate of the rent voucher

The real estate sector warns that the rental bonus leads to price increases The new aid will offer payments of 250 euros per month to those under 35 years of age Raquel Sánchez, Minister of Transport, Mobility and Urban Agenda. EFE The approval of the youth bond to help residential rent, approved in the Council of Ministers yesterday, already causes alarm in the rental sector...

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The real estate portals confirm the real estate recovery.

The real estate portals consider that the housing sales data confirm the recovery The real estate recovery is an almost indisputable reality. The real estate portals consider that the figures for the sale of homes for November, known this Thursday, confirm the recovery of the sector after the pandemic, and they trust that the final data of...

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Funds to bet on REITs or socimis

Investing in listed real estate investment companies serves to reduce risk and increase return in a portfolio Although the United States remains the largest listed real estate market in the world, it is becoming increasingly global. Currently, forty countries and regions have REITs (the equivalent of Spanish socimis), including all...

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What are fintechs and why are they so successful?

What are fintech and why are they so successful? Thursday, January 13, 2022 Times change and we with them. The needs we have today are not the needs we had 20 years ago. Technology is behind this evolution, which reaches all sectors. Of course, the financial field has also developed in this sense, and it is there...

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How Proptech is changing the way real estate works

The use of proptech technology is making real estate more momentous, while also ushering in a new professionalism. Technology has infiltrated almost every business and industry, and real estate is no exception. While, on the one hand, the real estate industry has been quick to identify opportunities in the adoption of ...

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