Digitized real estate operations increase by 80%

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More than 80% of real estate operations have been digitized since the start of the pandemic

  • In trading, almost half of the demand is already received only through digital channels

  • The door has been opened to the evolution of the sector

More than 80% of real estate operations since the start of the pandemic have been digitized through telematic tools and almost 40% of sales inquiries are already made through digital channels. This follows from the analysis that Redpiso has carried out through its study service and its more than 240 franchises in Spain.

The company's offices, which in 88% of cases have had to initiate or increase the use of digital tools -administrative or communication-, They have considered the change positive for their clients in 90% of the cases and 75% of them believe that the door has been opened to industry evolution.

The percentage that prefers to use the traditional scheme still represents 45%

However, in the case of the client, the adoption is gradual. In the studio, Redpiso has detected that the percentage that would prefer to continue using the traditional scheme still represents 45%. "We reacted very quickly at the start of the pandemic, betting on ways that would allow our clients' operations not to be paralyzed while minimizing any risk of contagion," explains Manuel Fernández, CEO of Redpiso. "And although it was a temporary adaptation, we now know that change is here to stay," he adds.

Digital real estate appraisals increase 27% in 2021

“Customers especially value the time saved, even though many still find certain limitations in the new tools. Let us bear in mind that the real estate market has the face-to-face marked in his character by nature”, concludes Fernández. To address this last point, the company has incorporated new digitization systems such as the 360º visit or virtual tour and the evaluations online and.

The client's profile

Depending on the client's profile, the forms of contact with the company vary. More than 87% of digital queries are made by people between 25 and 40 years old and by public between 40 and 55 years old in 12% of cases. Thus, communications through traditional channels are used by only 11% of the younger public, while between 40 and 55 years of age this percentage is 55% and by 34% of those over 55 years of age.

Source: The Economist   #ImInmoogler

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